What I do

Understand and create media to communicate with people around the world.

At my essence I am an artist and a traveler of the world, I have been to over 50 countries to meet people, understand and experience their art, music , their business culture, their challenges, social issues and their aspirations.

I am a composer of music and have gained 20 years of audio and music production experience. My work in that sector has covered bespoke compositions for TV commercials, TV shows, Soundtracks for documentary films and features, Sonic Branding, gallery installations, and commercial productions for record labels. 

In video, I direct and produce mass communication and corporate communication videos, music videos and abstract videos. I am skilled as a Videographer, editor and compositor.

Communications for Real World Solutions

The key is to listen and understand the challenge first. To define how the target audience perceives and gives reference to the issue, culturally, metaphorically and emotionally. Then without hubris to create a communication solution that works for the medium, the budget and the organizations political position and philosophical slant. 

Listen. Understand. Create.

Recent Work

The Vajra Yogini


Director | Producer | Editor | Sound Designer | Mixer


वायुर् अनिलम् अम्र्तम् अथेदम् | भस्मान्तम् स्हरीरम् ||

vāyur anilam amrtam athedam | bhasmāntam sharīram ||
Now breath becomes wind, the immortal, and this body may end in ashes!

A short abstract yoga film about the wild nature of mind, our habitual patterns, and the neural pathways we journey upon that produce a dream-like mirage of experience. When the mind is out of control we become addicted, obsessed and worked up by all sorts of things. Mudras and mantas help to focus the mind on one thing, rather than be distracted by many. If we don’t chase after thoughts, and fabricate them into stories, we can liberate them so they vanish without a trace. Then we can rest in consciousness, a state of absolute truth, clarity, and pure joy that pervades all. Moksha.

With love and gratitude to Richard Freeman and Dzongsar Jamyang Khentyse Rinpoche.

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