About Ryan Beifus

Composer, Director, Producer, Observer

Born in Johannesburg South Africa, Ryan Beifus has lived around the world in the UK, the Netherlands, Nigeria and India; he has also visited and worked in over 50 countries.


From an early age Ryan’s passion was music composition and production. After finishing school he went on to become a sound engineer and then a composer producer. Gaining popularity in the South African Post Production and advertising industry, Ryan made a name for himself creating sonic branding, original scores, and add campaigns for over a decade in Johannesburg and Cape Town.


His longing to see the world lead him In 2006 to leave his native South Africa and he re established himself in Netherlands Amsterdam, where he began to direct and produce corporate communications videos.


This new career path took him to West Africa where he leant his skills to international development agencies and government ministries producing communication videos.


In 2010 he again relocated to New Delhi India, where he established his company Bigmouth Digital Arts, the company ran for 4 years, producing pop music and music videos, corporate communication videos and campaigns dealing with human rights.


Given the rich experience he has gained, having dealt with many cultures and challenges, Ryan has returned to South Africa to live, work and contribute to the country he loves most.